Classic Motocross
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Chairman Taisto Mäenpää, correspondence Jorma Korhonen. See Contacts for the details.

MX Cup Karhula

MX Cup Karkkila 3.6.
Entry for Karkkila is open

Classic MX Cup races in 2018
19.05. Karhula
03.06. Karkkila
07.07. Heinola
22.07. Lievestuore
18.08. Sipoo
01.09. Miehikkälä

Race at Karhula
Results for the race

Race at Sipoo
Results for 29.7. CEMAR
Results for 30.7 Classic MX Cup

Video of 2016 races
Over one hour video of racing.

Classic MX Cup rules 2017-18
Some changes in rules.

DVD of season 2016
3 hour double DVD is now available. All races, all heats included. Price 30 EUR. To get one, please contact Jorma Korhonen. See Contacts for the details.

Watch a film from the last race of season 2012 in Heinola, 11th of August.
Imatra 2013

Classic Motocross Finland ry

This club is is a non-profit organization dedicated in competing and restoring of classic motocross motorcycles. It was founded in Heinola on 20th of November, 2010.

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